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Haider Syed Senior Consultant Urological Surgeon

Sep 9

General Urologist with special interest in offering Modern Laser and Keyhole surgery for kidney and Urinary stone disease. Consultant urological surgeon with over 20 years Birmingham Urology Clinic best urologist in Birmingham UK private urology clinic near me urologists in Sutton Coldfield. Prostate, The prostate is part of the male genitourinary system. It is located beneath the bladder and in front of the rectum. Kidneys Many people have two kidneys, which are organs shaped like kidney beans, every one about 10-15cms long, situated on either side of the spinal column, deep in the abdominal area Guy's Health and wellness Guys are notoriously poor at seeking aid or analysis for their own health problems. One in five men has actually not seen a physician in the past three years. Haematuria Blood might originate from the kidney or the gathering system. Pee testing for haematuria need to just be performed for recognizable professional reasons.

Kidney Stones Treatment Birmingham Clinic

Urologists diagnose as well as deal with conditions of the urinary system system in both males and females. They likewise diagnose as well as treat anything involving the reproductive tract in guys. In some cases, they might execute surgery. As an example, they may get rid of cancer cells or open a clog in the urinary system tract. Urologists work in a variety of settings, consisting of hospitals, personal facilities, as well as urology centers. The urinary tract is the system that creates, shops, as well as eliminates urine from the body. Urologists can deal with any type of part of this system. This consists of the: kidneys, which are the organs that filter waste out of the blood to produce urine ureters, which are the tubes whereby urine streams from the kidneys to the bladder bladder, which is the hollow sac that stores pee urethra, which is television through which urine travels from the bladder out of the body adrenal glands, which are the glands located in addition to each kidney that launch hormonal agents Urologists likewise deal with all parts of the male reproductive system. This system is comprised of the: penis, which is the organ that launches pee and also carries sperm out of the body prostate, which is the gland below the bladder that includes fluid to sperm to produce seminal fluid testicles, which are the two oblong body organs inside the scrotum that make the hormonal agent testosterone and also create sperm Kidney Stone Unit Birmingham

When should you see a urologist in UK?

Your health care medical professional can treat you for light urinary system troubles, such as a UTI. Your medical care doctor might refer you to a urologist if your signs do not boost or if you have a condition that needs therapies they can not supply. You might need to see both a urologist as well as an additional expert for sure conditions. For example, a male who has prostate cancer cells can see a cancer cells specialist called "an oncologist" and a urologist. How do you recognize when it's time to see a urologist? Having any of these symptoms recommends you have a problem in the urinary system tract: blood in your pee a constant or immediate demand to urinate pain in your reduced back, pelvis, or sides discomfort or burning during peeing trouble urinating urine leak weak urine flow, oozing You must also see a urologist if you're a man and you're experiencing these symptoms: a reduced sexual desire a swelling in the testicle problem obtaining or keeping an erection

Kidney Stone Unit Birmingham

Urology is one of the most different branches of surgery and also includes diseases of kidneys, bladder and also prostate, including incontinence, impotence, infertility, cancer and repair of the genito-urinary tract. It caters for people of both sexes and all ages, from newborn infants to senior pensioners.. Voted In Find It In Birmingham Call us to chat to a member of our team now for free and friendly guidance.
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